Classes – your suggestions – PLEASE

Do you have a special interest you would be willing to share with others?

We are down a couple of tutors for next year so we’d really like to have a few more people come on board to run/assist to get some new classes started.

A class can run weekly, 1st /3rd or 2nd/4th weeks, monthly, or be a short series of classes taken at a time of the year to suit yourself.
We are currently putting together the range of classes we will be offering members in 2022, so if willing to share now is the time for action!
Some of the classes/activities we would love to start or resurrect include:
Photography – could be general or specific eg iPhone
Creative Arts – any medium
Gardening Tips
Walking – a 2nd group
Creative Writing
Music Ensemble – mixed instruments
3D Printing
TedTalks – Zoom or face to face
Intergenerational Activities eg. listening to reading at a Primary school, interacting with kinder children, viewing presentations by secondary students at the Casey Tech etc.
But – don’t feel limited by the above suggestions – the committee is very open to any suggestions!

We would also like to encourage all tutors to have a co-tutor – this takes the pressure off all.
Retirees (Third Age) often have more demands, directions to go in their lives than when in paid employment (Second Age) so having one or two backup people is recommended.
We can assist with this if required.
Thanks for considering – please email me directly using the email address below if interested in running a class or if you have any queries.
Chris Trimnell
CaseyU3A Course Coordinator
0408 889 569