Computer Course

We are all expected to use computers in today’s society.
Very little if any allowance is made for those who did not grow up with computers & digital technology.
This makes it very difficult for many members who have not been shown the basics of computers & provided with the opportunity to learn & gain confidence using a computer.
Asking the grandkids to show you or fix a problem does not provide the slower, methodical learning pace required if you are not comfortable with a computer.
CaseyU3A by necessity provides a lot of services & information with the use of computers.
We currently provide one course for computers. It is for those that have more experience with computers.
Would you like to see more computer courses by CaseyU3A?
If so what would you suggest as the topics to assist you?
e.g set up an email account & how to use it
how to use the internet
how to use Zoom
how to use spreadsheets, word documents
Clicking on links
Please send your comments & suggestions to
The irony of this article is that if you are currently not using a computer you will not be reading this.
If you know someone who you feel could be interested in learning about basic computing, please reply on their behalf – after discussing with them.
This will assist us to gain a picture of what is required within CaseyU3A members for assistance in learning basic computing & later progressing a little further.