Exercise Classes by Damien Ryan

Thanks to Damien Ryan for the following writeup covering exercise classes

By Damien Ryan

We all know how important exercise can be to those of us who no longer qualify for AFL, Wimbledon or Olympic marathons. So why not give U3A Casey’s exercise programs a shot?
Now that doesn’t mean taking on some muscle binding regime that will leave you breathless with a pounding heart.
U3A Casey can offer an amazing range of physical exercise designed to suit everybody; that is everybody, from the gentle practice of Taiichi.
Helen McGrath is a senior herself and she holds Taiichi classes on Mondays and Thursdays at Brentwood Park Neighbourhood House. Helen says it’s not only good for your physical and mental wellbeing. It’s also fun.
And talking of fun, how about a spot of line dancing. Kathy Smith runs two line- dancing classes for beginners and more experienced dancers every Tuesday at Hallam Hall, Frawley Rd, Hallam and on Friday mornings at Lynbrook Community Centre, 
Or if you’re closer to Fiddlers Green, they do line dancing there on Wednesday mornings. According to Raelene Nowell, her classes provide dancing, music, and lots of laughs.

If your tastes in exercise tend more towards putting one foot in front of the other at your own pace; try these.
A monthly bushwalk of between three to four hours with Geraldine McKellar. All you need is appropriate footwear and something to drink along the way. Before you sign up you will get advice on just how strenuous each walk is. The walks are both bushy and urban.
Less strenuous are Colin Whitney’s weekly walks.
You can take your time; listen to the birds, enjoy the trees and there’s no pressure to even complete the given course.
And you’ll be strolling along with friendly folk.
If you are a dog owner, then maybe you could join your fellow walkers and their doggie charges at Gate 4A Akoonah Park in Cardinia St Berwick any Wednesday morning at 9.30. Walks include places like Wilson’s Botanic Park and Berwick Springs Wetlands. Don’t forget to bring those little black dog pooh bags.
Now what about sport?

Well, there is “walking football”. This is for men and women. It’s a bit like soccer but with three basic rules. No running, no body contact and the ball can’t be kicked higher than shoulder height.
If you’d like to give it a try, just turn up at 10am Wednesdays and join Tony Duncan at Akoonah Park, Gate 4, Cardinia St, Berwick.
If footy isn’t your game perhaps you’d fancy golf for beginners.
Topline coach Les Fielder will be at Beacon Hills Golf Club every Monday at 9.30. He’ll show you all you need to know from the grip, stance, and swing to chipping and putting.

Upping the tempo, a bit, they play great table tennis at the Lynbrook Community Centre. If that’s your thing, then Jill Sparkes will be there to show you the ropes each Thursday at 1pm.
You get lots of exercise combined with some friendly competition and lots of laughs.