Rossmoyne Update

The situation with Rossmoyne is frustrating.
When we agreed to use Rossmoyne in November last year we understood & accepted it would be closed for a period of time for renovations.
It was expected the renovations would be completed about now.
Due to Covid – Covid gets blamed for everything – the renovations have been delayed.
There is a general shortage of supplies. This is common knowledge & unfortunately must be accepted.
At this time there is no confirmed timing on when the renovations will take place.
We have discussed this with Casey Council. They will get back to us with the latest situation to the best of their knowledge.
Noelene Duff – Casey Council Administrator – has been very helpful & reacted very quickly to our communications.
Noelene has asked the Manager Active Communities to look into the situation & advise both herself & CaseyU3A about the latest timing of the renovations.
Rossmoyne is well located & provides facilities that CaseyU3A could utilize & provide good facilities for members.
Currently, it is underutilized & this is also being considered to establish if CaseyU3A could be provided with additional use to the room we use for the office.
Lorraine Sterling – office manager – has set up the office & is providing a central point for members & potential members to drop in & ask questions.
The current situation means we cannot set up fully as we will be required to move out any equipment etc when the renovations take place.
We are hopeful the renovations will take place ASAP.
Based on the use to date, it should be worth the wait.
We will keep you informed.