Tutor news 2023

In addition to emails to tutors, we will endeavour to include the same information here for quick reference.

ALSO for Tutors Lorraine Sterling’s direct contact information is :

lorrainesterling@gmail.com 046643644

Bus Procedure

Any tutor requiring a bus please send the following information to the office as soon as the tutor knows the need for a bus.

Name of Organiser and Phone Number

Where the activity is taking place

Date and time the bus is required and will return

Where the bus is to be boarded

How many people will be on the bus

This information is required by Casey Council on booking the bus. BE AWARE that the council now only has on 19 seater bus; one 15 seater bus and four 12 seater buses. The 19 seater buses require City of Casey drivers and the smaller buses can be driven by a licensed driver inducted by City of Casey.

The 19 seater bus has been reserved on the 3rd and 4th Fridays of each month for Art Appreciation and Social Adventures activities so the bus will not be available for other groups on those days.

Due to rising costs, all participants on a bus trip for U3A Casey will be required to pay $10 towards the hire.

(information courtesy Lorraine Sterling)

Emergency Contacts information

If you want to have a record sheet of the emergency contacts of your class (ie not having to rely on the badges) you can do this online and print a copy “for your eyes only”.

Go to the website and log in as a tutor. Go to Reports. Go to Enrolments. Scroll down slightly and select your class. Tick box – Show Emergency Contact. Click – List Enrolments (Green Box). Page of details is displayed. Click Print. New page. Click Print again.

(information courtesy Colin Whitney)

Pop-up enabling

To enable pop-ups (required if you are sending emails through UMAS ) go to Extensions (the icon mentioned at the Tutors Information meeting) and find the one that enables pop-ups for your devise. On all Windows laptops and PC’s the icon for extensions looks like a jigsaw puzzle piece. Apple Safari is similar.

(information courtesy Noel Barlow)