History Of U3A network in Victoria

History of U3A Network in Victoria

Presented by Milan Trnacek, edited by Colin Whitney 2019

As the number of individual U3As grew in Victoria, it became evident that

a central organisation was needed to represent the movement. The central role of the Network is the promotion of the U3A movement generally. This role involves:

  • To strengthen and facilitate the work of the volunteer U3A movement in the State of Victoria so that the movement maximises the benefits of mental and physical stimulation, quality learning and social inclusion for all seniors.
  • To act as the peak body of the U3A movement in the State of Victoria. It coordinates activities, develops policies, provides education and training, represents the movement to external interests and government, seeks and administers funds on behalf of Member U3As and performs or leads any other activities to benefit the U3A movement.
  • To promote and assist the establishment of new U3As and the growth of membership of existing U3As and to act as a mentor and advisor to U3As.

Since the creation of the U3A Network Victoria, Casey U3A has been represented by having a delegate attending its meetings. Another member served on the Committee as a Treasurer for 4 years.

In 2019 Victoria has 109 individual U3A’s. Each of them is autonomous with their own constitution. Total U3A membership in Victoria is over 38,000 and growing. Network Victoria is also subdivided into Regions (six Metro and six Country) which gives another forum to develop ideas. Network Victoria also sends a delegate to the U3A Australian Association. This body represents U3A not only to the Federal Government but also on the World stage.