About U3A

Why should you join a U3A?

These are the top five reasons people join U3As:

Meet new friends!

Pursue your passions!

Find new interests!

Join a community!

Get fit! 

U3As keep your brains stimulated, improve your fitness and increase social activity. 

What do U3As offer the community? 


U3As are age friendly, active and fun places to be for retired or semi-retired Victorians.  U3A Network Victoria supports individuals and groups to establish their own U3A and to become a member of the Victorian Network.  Establishment funding is available, as is support to set up an incorporated association and gain access to free public liability insurance. 

These are some of the many benefits of setting up a U3A in your area:

  • Establishing social connections to community, other seniors, and other generations
  • Combating loneliness and isolation, both geographic and social
  • Helping seniors stay healthy, physically and mentally
  • Stronger quality of life for retired and semi-retired people, delaying need for community or private support services
  • Increased capacity for seniors to keep up with the digital transformation, COVID complexity, and other societal trends and changes
  • Access to an delivery of government support policies
  • Representation of seniors’ voices to government, community and social policy makers
  • Opportunities for seniors to volunteer, to feel achievement for contributing to their community, and to grow in self-esteem